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Project Description
A LINQ provider that wraps the open source Novell.DirectoryServices.Ldap library. You can communicate with any LDAP server that this library works with. To support SSL you need to get the Mono.Security.dll assembly. The LINQ provider supports updates, inserts, deletes, child objects, and much more.

Please download the code and let me know if this is useful for you. If you use this provider or if you tried to use this provider but couldn't, please leave a quick comment. Maybe even a feature request. If you are familiar with writing LINQ providers and can provide some input, please take a look at the code and give me your suggestions.

There is not a release package yet. However you can download the code and build it yourself.


On the short list of things to do. (Underlined items are completed) If you don't need any of the functions that aren't completed please try this library!
  1. Implement the following query operators:
    1. Where
    2. Select
    3. First
    4. FirstOrDefault
    5. Last
    6. LastOrDefault
    7. ElementAt
    8. ElementAtOrDefault
    9. OrderBy
    10. OrderByDecending
    11. Except
    12. Distinct
    13. Intersect
    14. Reverse
    15. SelectMany
    16. Skip
    17. SkipWhile
    18. Take
    19. TakeWhile
  2. Refactor and publish test harnesses
  3. Create sample application
  4. Create an official release

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